Legal MLMs require little to no risk.

A good, strong MLM program should incur no risk at all. As noted before, a good merchant will handle the business side. The Affiliate will handle the promotion side. The dedicated Affiliate marketer will not be afraid to advertise. Every profitable business has an advertising budget. Every wise and profitable business will continue to hone … Read moreLegal MLMs require little to no risk.

Pyramid schemes are illegal. Are MLMs?

We all know pyramid schemes are illegal. Are Multilevel Marketing programs illegal? They could be if they were really pyramid programs, but legal Multilevel Marketing programs have some distinct characteristics and rules. Is the reward for recruiting new Affiliates greater than it is for selling to the public? Yes = pyramid — No = legal … Read morePyramid schemes are illegal. Are MLMs?


Education is worth its weight in gold. If you have desire to be an Affiliate Marketer, where do you start? Certainly training is of paramount importance. Business education can cost thousands of dollars. Strong Future International (known as SFI) provides invaluable training without cost for all SFI Affiliates.

Repeat Sales

In the Affiliate Marketing world repeat sales is much better than beating the bushes to find new customers. If your Merchant has products and services that may be repeated or are ongoing, the opportunity for a growing business is enhanced.

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