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The art of the Sell!

In business, any business, you are constantly looking for the next sell! Selling is an art, an art that a lot of people don’t even realize that they can excel in. Every day you sell yourself, you sell yourself to your spouse, to your friends, to other business owners….etc.

Some times you are successful and sometimes not…..the art of the sell, is something that should come naturally, not something you plot or plan….how you do this is up to you, however, there are some guidelines you must follow to be extremely successful.

First of all, never, ever, try to sell anything to anybody……..that sounds like an oxymoron, and it possibly is….you must realize most people DO NOT want to be sold anything. So you must learn to NOT sell them, but make them think that they sold themselves on the idea of the purchase.

This comes easy, if you’re not hungry, but if you’re hungry for a sell, then you will not be doing your job correctly and you will run the customer away.

You must get to know your customer and what they like, then and only then can you become the supplier.

Filling a need is the best way to go about selling….find out what the customer needs, what they want and supply it…if you aren’t able to supply it, do not substitute something you’re trying to sell for profit……they will know and you will lose.

The art of selling is to be able to supply the client with what they need and want, not what you want to sell them.

You will make lasting customers by using this method. You will have customers for life and be able to build off of those customers, they will advertise your business for you.

Do not take your customer for granted, be there to help them, because when you help them, you are helping yourself, and they will in turn tell their friends how good you are and your business will surely grow.

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