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What Kind of Money Are We Talking About?

When looking for a business to associate yourself with, you must take into consideration the value it will bring monetarily to you. What kind of money are we talking about? We are talking about commissions, commissions earned from sales to others. You will be making commissions on sales, on purchases that your teammates make, and on helping others to open stores in the virtual mall.

There are a lot of 6 figure income makers, however, you will not be making that in your first 6 months, and maybe not until your second year, it all depends on you and how aggressive you are in your advertising.

The art of this business is in establishing yourself with others so that they want what you have. You must sell yourself to others to be successful.

You must start by reading a lot of uplifting material that will help you to reach others. Zig Zeigler writes great books and our company carries all his books, so make use of this material. Also the material that is supplied by SFI/TripleClicks, will help you learn how to earn.

We also have many ebooks, many of our stores carry ebooks, which make life so much easier in this fast paced world of ours.

Become an expert at helping others and you will find yourself at the top of the company in no time at all.

When people realize how much you care for them, and about them, then they become invaluable to you and you are able to reach them. Show them your business, and what you can do for them.

I go on the hunt in social media, I watch for people that like certain things, coffee, is a good example, we at SFI carry a product called Purjava, and it is delicious….it comes with recipes….well I saw some people talking about coffee and I ran over with my little ad and put it into FB, and instantly made a sale. The recipes sold the Purjava.

You can see things or hear things that people may want, go to TripleClicks, our product division, look up the item in the many stores we have….and bingo….you have a new customer….there are so many ways for you to make this business a reality..

Just think you don’t every have any product on hand, you don’t have to handle the transaction, SFI handles everything for you….you just talk with the customer sell the product, and move onto the next customer.

When these customers see what you do, they then want to do it also, that is when you can sign them up in your business, or even have them open a store in the virtual mall, we call those ECAs, you then earn commissions, from all their sales, for life….what about that…..you see, SFI is all about YOU and YOUR business.

So what is holding you back, let’s get you started today…..just click on the letters, SFI and I will show you how to get started.

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