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Thinking outside the box

If you have never worked from home before, you will have an exciting adventure. However, there are some things you will need to know before starting in this business. You will not be operating in a usual way, as you have before in working for someone else, you must learn to think outside the box to accomplish your goals….

There is a lot of reading material that you will need to read to learn what working from home is really all about.

In the 90’s IBM found out that their people could work from home and save the company money and a lot of down time and that they would be more productive. This is your key to success, being more productive with your time, you must establish yourself as an entrepreneur, a business man/woman, who is to be taken seriously.

You must learn to allot a time and place to do your business. Many of us have set up offices in our homes, which is tax deductible and it affords you a quiet place to work. Some people have even worked from their kitchen table… this is not highly recommended, however, many of us started there and then set up a small office in our homes.

In this business, everyone over 18 is a potential customer, housewives, retirees, college students, single parents, the field is wide open, you must decide how to reach them…

In operating an online business, there are so many ways to advertise, social media is an acceptable way to influence others, however, it takes longer because you have to build a relationship….you must learn to “think outside the box”, to attract others to your business.

If you like to blog, that is good, you can set up a blog site, and use the company furnished ads to advertise your business. It is so simple, a child could do it. The art is in finding your niche and your audience.

Target the audience that you wish to work with….if your a retiree, target the retirees’, and so forth. Make your business fun and remember that when you give you will get back fourfold, be ready to help others reach their goals and you can reach yours.

Since you don’t have a “stone and mortar” business, for people to come to, then you must “think outside the box” to attract customers to your business. Having a blog is one way, there are many other ways to attract people to your business.

You will learn from the materials provided at SFI, how to attract customers, also the do’s and don’ts of our business, yes, there are don’ts, there are certain things that you should NOT do when approaching people and they are all discussed in the training you receive and this training is FREE…

Please let me introduce you to my business, I am an entrepreneur, and I earn money with SFI every day of the week, even when I am asleep, my business is still operating.

If you click on the letters SFI, it will take you to my site and you can see what we are about. I look forward to working with you!

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